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What music did you like this year? Besides Tay-Tay, we mean. Come join Pete and Bill as they run down their favorite albums of the year and give YOU all a taste of some of the tracks that most tickled their respective fancies the entire year round. That's a lot of tickling!

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Pete and Bill went to two theme parks on consecutive days. Herein, they quibble about Universal Studios Hollywood, delight in discussing Disneyland, reminisce about a chill-ass dog and a confused deer, and quit their tutoring jobs to join a friend gang.

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In January, Pete will watch every single episode of Dawson's Creek without stopping. It's going to be 90-plus hours of Creeky goodness. Maybe. Pete and Bill discuss the logistics of this, the whys and wherefores, answer some of your questions, ramble a bit because they're both loopy and invite you to send us some suggestions on what to call the dang thing.

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There's a new Star Wars trailer! There's a full trailer for Jurassic World! Have you seen this? Have you heard about this? Well, Pete and Bill have seen and heard about it and would now like to talk about it! They discuss their expectations and hesitations, as well as discuss the concept of cover movies. Because there should be much more of them. This and a lot more, on this post-Turkey Day glut of a podcast!

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On today's episode of the podcast, Pete and Bill discuss "MasterChef Junior," children on cooking competition shows, which cooking show hosts (besides Guy Fieri) they enjoy, whether you should eat blood (no), which cooks or shows they've learned the most from, how big is too big an oyster to eat and much, much more.

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On today's podcast, Bill is back on that World of Warcraft horse. He and Pete talk about their recommendations for the week, have a bit of an extended examination on what makes video games interesting or appealing (at least to Bill), ponder a couple of very interesting icebreaker questions and clear the air about Glenn Danzig's live singing voice. Important stuff all around.

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On this special HOLIDAY-THEMED-TYPE episode, Peter and Bill discuss All Hallow's Eve, including costumes of the present and past, favorite costumes, Garfield telling you not to open weird candy, why people keep giving Charlie Brown rocks and whether Bill is or isn't Guy Fieri.

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Which rocks in our solar system should or shouldn't be planets? How's the new Avengers trailer? What's the best meal we've ever had? Who's the REAL racist? And how DO you fix a boner? Pete and Bill answer all these questions and so many more, as we take your wonderful Twitter requests.

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Both Pete and Bill root for sports teams. Admittedly, this is a problem. This episode is not about sports, but about how and why we root for and care about them. On this episode, we explain the methods in which we root for sports, the desire to change the way one feels about both sports and rooting, apologies for all of those things and the strange, horrible evolving nature of remaining a fan of the NFL. All this, plus a bit of housekeeping.

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If you haven't seen or read Gone Girl yet, please do so before listening, because there WILL be spoilers throughout this episode. If you don't care about spoilers, listen away! After discussion of the film, of director David Fincher and of Ben Affleck's penis, we turn the conversation to Tyler Perry. What's the deal with Tyler Perry, you ask? Maybe we can answer that for you!

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Does being sick of #GamerGate make you a bad person? Pete and Bill try to get to the bottom of this. They also discuss A Prairie Home Companion, their ideal Dungeons & Dragons companions, their dream Disneyland threesomes, which U.S. President would win in a fight and Bill attempts some impromptu pro wrestler impressions.

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On Saturday, the third annual Doritos Locos Taco Throwdown took place. Shortly afterward, Pete and Bill were joined by fellow participants Ryan WhiteKristen Ray and (eventually) Erin Faulk joined us to talk about why we eat so many tacos, what happened to our bodies and our minds after getting drunk on tacos, why our selected Taco Bell was the absolute worst, when to never open the door if your life depends on it, putting powdered milk in your milk, why Draculas can get boners, how long you should have a boner, and our best celebrity stories.

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Pete and Bill are thrilled to be joined by modern day renaissance man and all-around funny person DC Pierson. We talk about comedy, writing, rap music, people at the advent of YouTube not understanding what acting is, the best and worst things about improv, what makes teens so fascinating and whether Transformers 4 is a documentary.

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On today's podcast, Pete and Bill are joined by Bandcamp and Internet superstar Eden Rohatensky! She's got a new album out and she's here to talk about music, video games, #GamerGate, bugs, Canada, nachos and whether raisins lead to ants.

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It only took 103 episodes, but Pete and Bill finally convinced a pro wrestler to stop by. Pretty Peter Avalon, star of Championship Wrestling From Hollywood and PWG, previously "Norv Fernum" of TNA, joins us to talk about the life of a professional wrestler, a bit of how the sausage is made and how exactly you end up getting thrown into a heating duct. You can follow PPA on Twitter here, on Facebook here, on Instagram here and you can find his webstore here.

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It's official! The third annual Doritos Locos Tacos Throwdown will take place on Saturday, September 27. We give you all the information you'll probably need about the annual, weird contest that we're not sure why we still run. After that, it's time to talk about. Pop music! Why isn't Jessie J more popular? Just who IS Shellback, anyway? Will Maroon 5 ever write another song? These and other questions will be answered!

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What's the Las Vegas Greyhound station like? How to you properly store a yard-garita souvenir cup? How will babes know that it was a cool story and that now it's time for refreshments? Thankfully, Pete spent the entire weekend in Las Vegas, flying solo, so here's here to give us all the answers. This, plus Bill finally "clears the air" on vaping. (Vape joke.)

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Hello everyone and welcome to the unbelievable 100th episode of Scientific Podcast Goes Boink! We're amazed and delighted we've made it this far. To celebrate, we did something we've been meaning to do for two years: read the children's book version of Colton Burpo's amazing tale, "Heaven is for Real." Our friend Brandon Stroud of With Leather was kind enough to stop by and help us out. It was a blast. Give it a listen and check the links below to read along!

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Peter and Bill sat down this week with Ryan Penagos, Executive Editorial Director at and master of all things Internet. We talked some more about Guardians of the Galaxy, about how crossover events work, about love of comic books and ruining childhoods, about gender- and race-swapping beloved characters and the nerd rage that follows, about how to break into the comic book industry and about tacos. Heck, we even talked Gay Batman!

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Pete and Bill have seen a movie! Guardians of the Galaxy is out and everyone is talking about it. Well, Pete and Bill are talking about it, at least. This podcast is half spoiler-free and half spoiler-heavy, so you have been warned. If you haven't seen the movie yet, please go see it. It's well worth your time. ROCKETS SHOOTING MACHINE GUNS.

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Pete and Bill sit down to discuss some important business. The third annual #DoLoThroDo is just a handful of weeks away. We remind you to prepare your bodies appropriately. Other pressing matters concern the new Lana Del Rey album (and naturally the question of authenticity) and pondering the nature of RiFF RAFF, who is remarkably self-actualized for a non-deity. Come join us. For the night is dark, and full of tacos.


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Pete and Bill settle in for a nice chat. Pete consumes some adult beverages and they talk about a comedy show, some problems with race and wrestling, whether the Rock is a black man (yes) and what the heck is the deal with the Insane Clown Posse (they're fun).

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It is Bill's birthday, so he and Pete are obligated to talk about that for a while. The conversation moves on to the Garfield/Nermal dichotomy, before getting down to the important business that is #LilKimWeek. Be warned: adult language and topics herein.

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What is a sandwich? Before you answer that, listen to Pete and Bill watch the 2014 Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest and question the meaning of existence. Conversation turns to the films of Paul Thomas Anderson, obviously. 

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It's time to talk about music again! Apparently. Bill and Pete sit down and listen to six songs that they've been enjoying lately. Then they talk about them! Wheeeee! They're also jealous of people who live in the future. Things are simpler there.

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Sit down with Pete and Bill for another old-fashioned podcast. This time around, they offer some corrections and retractions and after beating around the bush for a while, they finally shed some light on what happens to you after you die. We don't mean to offend. Just remember: It's not pod friends; it's pod business.

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Yes, Pete has matriculated. It's not as scandalous as it sounds. It's time to talk about Los Angeles and what makes it special. What are the best places in Los Angeles? Where can you see a bear wearing a sweater? Why does Moby have a blog? And what's the deal with shoes? We have to be honest: this one kind of goes all over the place. 

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On this week's podcast, Pete and Bill start off by discussing the ruinous state of the academic tuition system, but then transition to Chris Bosh and then spend the majority of the episode on BIBLE CHAT. Which apostle would make the best surly teen? What was the deal with Mark and Luke? We'll call you Didymus from now on.

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Which comic book characters would inspire the most outrage if they were race-, gender- or orientation-swapped? Well, that's what we're here to discuss, aren't we? Join Pete and Bill on a trip down the rabbit hole and into other, more interesting realities.

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Would you like to hear about the nicest Taco Bell in the entire world? How about the best place to go tanning in the South Loop? Well, you are in luck! Pete, Bill and Kristen are here to guide you through Yelp and find out the best possible place to eat after a Saturday at Costco.

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It's time for Pete and Bill to pick up a few stray odds and ends from last week's request episode. There is talk of regret, how to avoid living with it, how to gauge the distance you've traveled and other things having to do with that sort of thing. There's also talk of college and grad school and that whole experience. Don't worry; there are also jokes.

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It's time to open up the Twitter request line! This week, Pete and Bill field questions on such diverse topics as dinosaurs with wheels, dinosaurs without wheels, attractive Crimean attorneys general and Disneyland.

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This week, Pete and Bill discuss some music they've been listening to recently and YOU GET TO HEAR THE SONGS! Wow! Technology is wild! (Please don't sue, publishers.) Also: brief discussion about government rigamarole. 

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We went ahead and got philosophical/existential on this one. Sorry, everyone. We discuss signalling theory at length, asking ourselves why we like the things we like and whether there is an authentic self. Then, to lighten the mood, we discuss racism, tarring and feathering, being run out of town on a rail and whether Irish people can buy drugs.

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There are stories from New Orleans that Bill didn't get to. They involve wrestling, but they are certainly not ABOUT wrestling. Plus, we discuss potpourri and a bit of Captain America: Winter Soldier. Not too much, though. Gotta leave something for sweeps week.

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Bill and Pete are back after a one-week hiatus. Bill explains his departure by giving a full rundown of his time spent in New Orleans. The stories involve a weird hotel, one mostly-dead cockroach and saloon doors in a sandwich shop.

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This week, Pete and Bill kind of go all over the place. There is discussion about Chris Evans, about Muppets Most Wanted, about Luke Cage, about getting your hands bloody and about trying to be friends with celebrities.

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Even when they need to get to a screening of Muppets Most Wanted, Bill and Pete will still take the time to craft a fresh, quality podcast for your starving earholes. This time around, the gentlemen of middling repute discuss "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and sexytimes therein, as well as taking The New Yorker to task for their terrible and unfunny cartoons which no one actually likes.


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This week, Pete and Bill are thrilled to be joined by their good friend Julie, who engages them in conversation about all sorts of things, from Ronda Rousey to Macklemore's pee to kink to hockey butts (and butts in general) to drinking the entire ocean. Give it a listen!

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The Oscars are in the dang books. To recap the awards, we invited Stefanie Turner onto the show, because she managed to see every film nominated for every award this year (except one). We also took the time to argue about Girl Scout cookies and the horrible nature of having opinions on the Internet.

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TWO movies-themed podcasts in one week? Believe it, bud! Pete and Bill are overjoyed to be joined by lead L.A. Weekly film critic Amy Nicholson. We sit down and talk movies, including our long-promised dissection of the filmGarden State in the year 2014. Our findings were diverse, our feelings many. The best performance in a film by a Wu-Tang member? Probably not!

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Hey, we're just dropping a bonus weekend episode on everyone because it's Oscars weekend and Pete hasn't seen any of these movies! Kristen Ray joins us to make jokes about clumsy astronauts and give Bill an excuse to bust out his Michael Dorn impression.

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It's almost time to watch Garden State again. But before we get there, Bill and Pete discuss a few more topics, including Magic: The Gathering, penises (yes, AGAIN), nerds having sex and the just-released film Apocalypse Pompeii, co-authored by Bill.

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We covered a whole swath of topics in this episode, from cereal to our intent to re-watch Garden State and invitation for you to do the same, to our closest near-death experiences and whether ghosts exist and/or have genitalia and/or whether we'd like them to exist and/or have genitalia. (Spoiler: results inconclusive.)

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We opened up the Twitter machine to hear what YOU wanted us to talk about and you gave us suggestions! TOO MANY suggestions, as it turns out! But we got to plenty of them. Listen to us talk about bagel dogs, butts and DMX. 

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Transgender rights and portrayal issues abound in pop culture recently, so Pete and Bill take some time to discuss some things. Later, the conversation turns to the subject of Woody Allen, R. Kelly et al and whether it's possible to separate a person's art from their personal (potentially horrible) deeds.

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Some slight audio issues aside, we're back with another podcast! Pete and Bill discuss time travel as a genre and two movies in particular: Looper and Primer. Spoilers abound for both films, so fair warning for those who haven't seen them and might want to at some point. We complain a lot, but ultimately agree that if you ask about time travel too much, we'll be sitting around all day making diagrams out of straws.

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Oh boy, Sons of Anarchy. Oh, you've really done it this time. Pete and Bill spend the entire episode discussing the recently-completed season six. Now you get to hear us yell about a show that is absolutely ridiculous. (We still can't stop watching it, though.)

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We've had dads on the brain lately. Our fathers are interesting fellows, so we decided to get together with our friend Ryan M. White and talk about our dear ol' dads. Come for the stories about Vietnam, stay for the kayaks. 

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Welcome back to Scientific Podcast Goes Boink! It's a brand new year, according to calendars everywhere, so we decided to take a look at ... not some resolutions, but some "rulin's" by a noted man of the people. Along the way, Bill derails the discussion with a story of vomiting for the first time since the 1990s. Sorry, everyone. 

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