Weirdos From Another Planet!

Pete and Bill are back to talk about comic books, music, great movie casting fails and Bill's embarrassing, embarrassing teenage bedroom. Get ready for cringing!

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Welcome back to the podcast! Pete and Bill have now been recording these things for one entire year, which is like 20 years in podcasting years. We talk about that a little bit, but then we move on to our normal inanity. Our conversation includes how nunchuks generate air, the eventual failed Martian Manhunter film, the easy-on-the-eyes Taye Diggs, why people should know about TLC (and how sad it is they don't), a new pithy slogan and even XXX.

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We're stuffed to the gills, but we still took the time to talk about our respective Thanksgivings. We also take plenty of time to talk about the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving specials and how bizarre and sad they are.

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Great friend of the program Jeb Lund, AKA Mobutu Sese Seko, AKA @Mobute, rejoins us for a record-nearing third time. We're thankful for him. We made sure to cover topics ranging from Newt Gingrich's wife to Bloom County comic strips, so please enjoy our ramblings.

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We opened up the Twitter lines and took requests on what was, essentially, a pre-taped live call-in show. The suggestions and questions ranged all over the place, but Bill still managed to work in some more embarrassing stories from his past. Because that's what keeps this gravy train moving, people.

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Taylor Swift is our only hope. Well, not really, but she sure is interesting! She won a lifetime achievement award this past week. (She's 23.) We talk a lot about the fascinating brain of Taylor Swift, which movie monster she looks like, the state of New Country Music and what the hell happened to Vince Gill.

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Pete and Bill both love Disneyland. On this episode, they sit down and talk about the difference between the two Disney parks, the best possible corndog and where to get it, the essentialness of a breakfast churro, how a Disney parks employee can hope to earn a Dole Whip and a lot more.

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BIll's been eating a lot of Hot Pockets lately. He sits down to talk to Pete about how super weird a lot of foods are and how a lot of what we eat doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Topics include, but are not limited to: Lean Pockets, Slim Jims, Katherine Webb and the Jack in the Box Munchie Box.

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On this week's podcast, Pete and Bill celebrate Pete's birthday! Gifts are given, mirth is present, and Pete takes the time to expound on four simple rules by which he attempts to live his life. Enjoy!

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Sometimes, Pete and Bill like to talk about writing. Sometimes Bill will run away and talk about it all by himself. This week, Abbott and Costello are discussed, which leads to a lengthy conversation about Lost in Translation, enhanced audio, shooting scripts, the importance of the writing when discussing the visual arts and how to feel like you're a better scriptwriter than you actually are (or maybe not!)

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Recorded on the day after the #DoLoThroDo, Pete and Bill give you a short-ish podcast while they are both sluggish from sodium and clearly suffering from taco brain. The DoLo is recapped in detail, while Bill's mind flits between a haphazard variety of topics, such as Pitbull vs. DMX vs. Johnny Cash, Loni Anderson's IMDB bio, the deliciousness of the Pert Plus smell and the (then-)impending series finale of Breaking Bad. Enjoy and please remember to live as mas as possible. 

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Television is happening. Oh boy, is it ever happening. Pete and Bill set aside an hour of their day to discuss two shows that they are watching or have watched in the past: Sons of Anarchy and Breaking Bad. Ridiculous things happen. Media theory is discussed. Heisenberg dichotomies are unpacked. It's all quite television-y. 

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On this episode, Pete and Bill sit down to talk and Bill decides to tell a smattering of embarrassing stories from his past, dealing mostly with how dumb guys can be when they're young and in pursuit of love. Somehow, this transitions into a discussion of Miley Cyrus, the VMAs and just how endlessly awful is Terry Richardson.

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Our intrepid co-hosts were recently at a poetry reading, where Pete was a featured poet. To celebrate, the two gentlemen (or perhaps scoundrels) discuss their relationships with poetry, what it all means and what can be done to combat this anti-poetry stigma we've got going on now. To wrap things up, there's a special announcement and a call-to-arms of sorts.

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This one's kind of all over the place, but please join Pete and Bill as they once again discuss Vegas and the difficulty in ordering cocktails, the NFL concussion lawsuit and settlement and much, much more.

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We can't believe it took us this long, but here's an episode that's almost entirely about comic books. Pete and Bill catch up on some emails, then dive into the wonderful, wild world of funnybooks. Items touched upon include: Ben Affleck as Batman, Archie vs. the Transformers and lots and lots of talk about Fantastic Four and the ever-lovin', blue-eyed Thing.

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Weird Twitter may or may not be a thing. Regardless, Pete and Bill are joined on the podcast by Greg, better known on the Internet as Le Duc Violet. Topics range all over the place in this one, from French elementary school to Frankie Muniz and Michael Imperioli. Buckle up because it's a fun one!

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Pete and Bill have now sat and yakked for 50 entire episodes now. That's a lot of yakkin'! This time around, they discuss this "milestone," then get down to business. They talk about this year's Doritos Locos Throwdown, the intricacies and pitfalls of hatewatching and hatereading and much more! Join us, won't you?

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Heck of a season we're having here. HECK of a season. Whew. I tell ya. What do you think about small talk? Do you have opinions? Pete and Bill are here to talk it through with you.

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On today's podcast, Pete and Bill sit down to discuss The Wolverine, which may or may not be the Wolferine movie you've been waiting for. The podcast manages to be almost entirely spoiler-free, we promise. But if you're worried about getting The Wolverine spoiled for you, maybe you should go see it? Conversation also includes meeting famous people, comic books in general and Dwight Howard with a fart keychain.

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This time around, Pete and Bill are discussing the finer points of begging and people who may at some point ask you to give them money. There is also light discussion of library cards and of fish.

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There's a taste sensation that's sweeping the nation and that taste is cronuts. What is a cronut, you ask? Well, it's not quite a puppet, and it's not quite a mop, but oh man! On this episode of Scientific Podcast Goes Boink, Pete and Bill sample three types of cronut and have all manner of doughnut-centric discussion.

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Sam Miller of Baseball Prospectus stops by to talk with Pete and Bill about being a real journalist, about how it is to be an actual journalist, about the unwritten and literally written rules of a baseball clubhouse, about the state of the newspaper industry, about Prince, about lists of things one might keep for oneself and about how awful it is when even bad people don't like you.

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We'll be honest: this one kind of got away from us. Pete and Bill talk about their respective adventures on July 4th, get off on a tangent about identical cousins and also The Parent Trap, wonder about crime rates during Independence Day, yack about the cronut fad and once again get lost in the world of Fuddrucker's advertising.

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On today's podcast, the esteemed Eno Sarris stops by. He joins Pete and Bill in an extended conversation about beer and other such libations, what comprises a unit of bitterness, what exactly is the appeal of camping to drinkers and non-drinkers alike, and why you should always root for a losing baseball team.

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On this episode of the podcast, Pete and Bill mostly discuss Season Four of Arrested Development. And very briefly Game of Thrones. But mostly just Arrested Development. Hope you like Arrested Development!

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On today's episode of Scientific Podcast Goes Boink, we finally bring you the second episode that was recorded at Denny's during the FLAPJACKALYPSE around midnight. Good friend Katherine Spada stopped by and the three held forth about all manner of things, including ballet, how the coroner's office REALLY interacts with the police, an incredibly delayed Black Swan joke, bad tattoos of MMA, mistaking one 50-year-old Hollywood star with another and lots more.

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We're back! This time around, Pete and Bill sit down to talk about Bill's problems with down escalators, the best possible circus trick, the Getty, why you shouldn't be excited to wear facepaint and the musical stylings of Robert DeLong.

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This time around, Pete and Bill are broadcasting LIVE from FLAPJACKALYPSE (which was last week). They eat some pancakes, talk about how full they are, discuss bike lanes (and sham meetings thereof), thank their lovely donors, stress that libraries are important and remember the last time Pete got worked up enough to write a letter to a corporation.

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We are one week away from FLAPJACKALYPSE and it's time to clean house a bit. Pete and Bill sit down to discuss the upcoming pancakery, the persistence of slush piles, whether we should expect success, the importance of flipping a coin, audio issues LIVE WHILE YOU LISTEN, the amazing persistence of Fuddrucker's and the presence of big cookies.

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Yes, the esteemed Jeb Lund is back, joining Pete and Bill to discuss everything from theFast and the Furious film franchise, to having a house built for you, to insane credit checks, to the war on fluoridation, to waking up in a ditch, to Chick-fil-A, to what the song "Lodi" is REALLY about, to method actors whose method appears to be "keep being the same character all the time."

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We've all got fears and emotions that we struggle with. Today, Pete and Bill talk about peer jealousy, professional and personal frustration and other fears. It's not a COMPLETE downer, we promise!

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This time around, Pete and Bill are thrilled to be joined by Steven Godfrey, a former five-year employee of actual pro wrestling company TNA Wrestling (or Impact! Pro Wrestling, if you're nasty). The three gentlemen discuss a great many things related to the world of pro graps and even a few things that aren't! They talk about everything from Low-Ki living the gimmick to the reality of Hulk Hogan and everything in between. Enjoy!

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Pete and Bill are going to do a very foolish thing. They're going to attempt to eat pancakes at a Denny's for 24 hours. But hey; it's for charity! Please enjoy the official announcement of FLAPJACKALYPSE Oh-Thirteen and all the ins and outs and guidelines and whatnot that we can think of off the top of our heads.

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Jim Henson died on June 16, 1990. On June 16, 2013, Pete and Bill sit down to discuss what made Jim Henson and the Muppets so wonderful. There is a lot of life-affirming positivity and earnest discussion about puppets in this episode, so consider yourself warned.

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On today's episode, Pete and Bill are once again joined by good friends Ryan White, Bryan Murphy and Kristen Ray. The five-umvirate discusses stinky U-Haul trucks, serious bodily injuries, when you should start thinking about cosmetic surgery, a better system for lawyers and Proposition 8.

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On today's episode, Pete and Bill are joined by good friends Ryan White, Bryan Murphy and Kristen Ray. They discuss moving, sandwiches, Togo's vs. Subway vs. Quiznos, condiments, bad drivers, drivers attempting to or actually killing bicyclists and the Winchester Mystery House.

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Today, Pete and Bill are joined by Tomas Rios to discuss the finer points of race, gender and sexuality as it pertains to mixed martial arts, whether you should match your pocket square to your shirt or your tie, the infuriating mess that is sprezzatura, how to describe Bill to a police sketch artist and wrap things up with a spirited debate on the merits of Kickstarter.

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Pete and Bill are here to discuss all of the ins and outs related to moving (or, if you're in the UK or Australia, "moving house"). They discuss boxes, new houses, the exhaustion and stupidity of not being rich and the sort of characters you'll meet at the average yard sard.

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This time around, we are joined by Kristen Ray of Would Eat. She circles the wagons with Pete and Bill and the three friends discuss personal vernacular, when to engage people in inclusive discussion, "There's That Word Again," Lindsay Lohan's foot-in-mouth disease, Christina Aguilera's penis cake for her baby, how we visualize the days of the week and the only two acceptable reasons for driving like a maniac.

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There comes a time in everyone's life when you have to eat some weird-flavored chips. Today, Pete and Bill take that plunge. Along the way, they find the time to talk about pancakes, Denny's, chicken, waffles and a few other things. But mostly, it's about the chips.

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Yes, it's a new episode of the podcast and one that is LIVE* from Las Vegas! (We like to call it "Lost Wages.") Our very good friends Kat Spada, Ryan White and Kristen Ray join us in a hotel room for lots and lots of drinking and discussion, which includes talk of butts, the world's largest, tallest chocolate fountain, a $60 hamburger, drinks served in tiny toilets, offensive T-shirts and when the heck Shania Twain is gonna have sex with that horse.

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Someone was silly enough to send Bill on a business trip. He and Pete take the time to talk about traveling to Washington, D.C. (both when you're 13 and when you're an adult), the Washington Metro, carrying a huge suitcase, the bureaucratic inefficiency of travel, Penn Station and Port Authority, the strangeness of New Jersey Transit, walking across a field in a strange state and a lot more. 

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Welcome back to Scientific Podcast Goes Boink! This time, the Internet's Julie Veilleux stops by and things get a little wacky. We talk about feminism, misogyny in the workplace, the differences between Canada and the Unites States as it pertains to sexuality and spend a good chunk of the episode exploring the Yelp reviews of one Davidson H.

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Better late than never, it is another episode of our podcast! This time around, Bill and Pete discuss the tricky situation and slippery slope inherent in the world of "slush piles," the futility of attempting to become a published author, how the film industry works (kinda), The Defenders and several other things!

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Once again, we return with a special guest in tow. WRITER Sarah Sprague joins us to discuss food, tacos vs. burritos, calorie counting, the appeal of Law & Order: Criminal Intent, the appeal of Eric Bogosian, what you need in a home bar, what precisely gin tastes like and much much more.

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Many of us have taken to the air in hopes of arriving at another destination safely. On this podcast, Pete and Bill discuss airport Twitterin', Twitter wills, airports, airport food, Bonnie "Prince" Billy, the offensiveness of the TSA, opting out, getting groped, odd ways to pee, bodily functions Bill is offended by, and a whole lot more.

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This week, Pete and Bill are thrilled -- THRILLED! -- to be joined by Jeb Lund, AKA the former Mobutu Sese Seko. The three comrades discuss a wide range of topics on this extra-long episode, including (but not limited to) Barrold Lamar Bonds, doxxing, Cuba Gooding Jr., 60 Chicken McNuggets in 60 minutes, writing a video for a Metallica song, exactly what the hell is Vevo, B. Brian Blair in all his glory, why Florida is the way it is and lots more.

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Can you believe that it's been 20 episodes already? We can't! To celebrate this non-momentous occasion, Pete and Bill decide to talk about their respective age-20 years.Join them on an in-depth journey down memory lane, as they discuss strange early-20s living on both coasts of these United States. 

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It's another Scientific Podcast and this time it's nothing but straight nerd shit. Special guest Alfie Crow joins Pete and Bill to discuss Magic: The Gathering, Bill's sad, sad history of playing games in all forms, MMORPG video games, the wondrous dark future of Warhammer 40,000, how to justify painting tiny army men, what Florida is actually like and how much Sean Bean looks like Triple H. 

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Pete and Bill return with more conversation for you and only minor technical difficulties! They discuss the Los Angeles Times throwing unwarranted shade at Tyler Perry, Bill throwing more-warranted shade at Tyler Perry, what the Tyler Perry process is like, bad newspaper writing, the glory of Dave Nordstrand and what the heck happened to that hamburger.

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Pete and Bill are thrilled to be joined on this episode by the esteemed Robert Wheel. The three comrades discuss terrible 90s music we all used to listen to, dissect the ultimate KoЯn lyric, talk about the hierarchy of 90s nu-rock bands, debate movies that are uncomfortable to watch with your parents, define a set of statistical metrics for ratingThe Simpsons, pore over books that college kids love and get into an extended conversation about why Bill doesn't like "Homer's Enemy."

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In this episode, Pete and Bill take some time to answer listener tweets and emails. They kick around the pigskin (players), share their opinions on the upcoming Star Wars movies, discuss the Star Wars franchise in general, take a tangent into Chris Pine and an unstoppable train, opine on 90s Christian music, talk about how hard it is to find ska music in a foreign country, muse about terrible band names and what they mean, reflect on how many tambourines is "too many" and cover the one sure-fire way to make sure Bill hates your band.

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Welcome back to Scientific Podcast Goes Boink. Pete and Bill are thrilled to be joined this week by SB Nation's social guru Ryan Hudson, AKA "Hugz." The three fellows talk about the inauguration, a weird corn fish, get extremely political for a moment, discuss the varieties of armadillos and wonder why they exist, reflect on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles concert tour, talk triathlons, have an extended conversation about Outback Steakhouse and compare and contrast sandwiches (but not colleges) in Boston.

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Craigslist used to be a thing, but now it's a decidedly different thing. It's probably because too many people started treating it as a toy, rather than a tool. That's unfortunate. On this episode, Pete and Bill discuss Craigslist at length, as well as discussing a great many other things, like Grindr, taking advantage of straight privilege, Dadboner (again) and guys on YouTube who love big beefy wrestlers.

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On this episode of Scientific Podcast Goes Boink, Pete and Bill take the time to discuss the ins and outs of the bleach-haired hobgoblin everyone loves to hate, Guy Fieri. And of course, no discussion of Guy Fieri would be complete without a detour into the world of Dadboner. 

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Pete and Bill are thrilled to be joined by Progressive Boink founder, SB Nation feature writer and Internet superstar Jon Bois! The three gentlemen discuss going to jail, terrible sandwiches, why your dad doesn't know how to make sandwiches, Fuddrucker's, Buffalo Wild Wings and the first ever JON BOIS LIGHTNING ROUND!

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In this episode of Scientific Podcast Goes Boink, Pete and Bill are joined by punter and Internet hero Chris Kluwe of the Minnesota Vikings. The three gentlemen discuss their personal video game histories, bad comic book artists, low-level cartridge scams, head coach resumes, the Rooney Rule, egalitarian pursuits, marriage equality, putting your brain in a computer, creative cussing, punting, questionable footwear decisions and much more.

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Riley Breckenridge of Thrice and Productive Outs joins Pete and Bill this week. The gentlemen discuss the wicked clowns, soda techniques, what you'd say if you met Bob Dylan, Dave Grohl's entourage, DADLAP, DADHAT and trashing hotel rooms.

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This week, Pete and Bill are thrilled to be joined by Lana Berry, who is a Twitter pioneer and pretty much owns the entire Internet. The trio of adventurers listen to Lana eat Taco Bell, discuss creeps on the Internet, talk about Texas, investigate CrossFit, dissect Les Miserables and generally have a good time. There are some audio issues due entirely to Bill, but please try to excuse them. Bill is an idiot. 

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This week, Pete and Bill are joined by the lovely and talented Ian Miller of Productive Outs, Kowloon Walled City and Baseball Prospectus. The group discusses bikes, Ian blowing Bill's mind, famous dads, the best movies of 2012, being in a band, more cycling and where the Crank franchise goes from here.

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This week, Pete and Bill welcome the esteemed Grant Brisbee of McCovey Chronicles and Baseball Nation! The three gentlemen (or perhaps scoundrels) discuss racism, "Seven Nation Army," McGruff the Crime Dog, the Criterion Collection and provide a compendium of Most Useful Everyday Movie Quotes.*

* Please note that we mangled half of these movie quotes.

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Welcome back to Scientific Podcast Goes Boink. How we missed you. In this episode, Pete and Bill discuss Los Angeles, school, pop music, not having guilty pleasures and Bill's convoluted relationship with horror movies.

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We had too much material and too much fun with With Leather editor-in-chief Brandon Stroud to fit it all in one podcast, so we're double-dipping! Enjoy this bonus half-episode, everybody! 

Bill, Pete and Brandon take the time to discuss the armor of God, the fruits of the spirit, more wrestling, the Three Stooges vs. the Marx Brothers and of course, Hulk Hogan's wiener. 

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Another week, another SPGB! This time around, Bill and Pete are joined by their first guest, Progressive Boink founder and With Leather editor-in-chief Brandon Stroud! Be forewarned: some pro wrestling discussion lies herein. 

The three gentlemen discuss wrestling, Austin, air sex, GleeGrease 2, the passing career trajectories of John Travolta and Nicolas Cage, Robert Irvine, "Ring ring, brother", Hulk Hogan's enormous genitalia, Virgil, 80s prison stock market caper films, growing up Christian, Suncoast Video, Shannyn Sossamon and the holidays.

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On this episode of SPGB, there will be SPOILERS, most notably for Sons of Anarchy, so ... get caught up, I guess?

Pete and Bill are back and have chosen to discuss Carl's Jr., boycotts, burgers, pulled pork, SOA, storytelling, writing habits, Where the Wild Things Are, and a lot more.  

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