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Last week, Pete watched all of Gossip Girl in one sitting. For charity. Now he's here to tell us about a show starring a beautiful ghost, an idiot telepath and Chuck Bass.

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Bill and Pete are joined by Austin Antoine, a Los Angeles-based rapper, vocalist, and performer. Together they take a look at the world of rap, weigh in on whether or not Ladies Love Cool James ever got the best of Canibus (spoiler: no) and whether or not there are two classes of female MCs.

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Fantastic Four, the comic, is Bill's all-time favorite comic book. Fantastic Four, the movie, is an abomination. Pete and Bill discuss the bad, bad, bad, bad movie and talk about how bad it is. Spoilers: it's bad.

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It's finally here! We here at Scientific Podcast Goes Boink are thrilled to be able to present the very first episode of CHAPPiE CHAT, a show about all things CHAPPiE. If you're not familiar with CHAPPiE, please be aware that there will be extensive CHAPPiE spoilers. Our first guest is Ian Miller, of Productive OutsPuig Destroyer and Kowloon Walled City fame. You should also check out his new band, Roman Cities.

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On this week's podcast, we spoil (and discuss) Ant-Man and Inside Out. If you have watched one and not the other, we talk Ant-Man first and move to discussing Inside Out at about the 25-minute mark. See, we can be helpful!

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This week, Pete and Bill are delighted to be joined by Internet celebrity Erin Faulk, who gets subjected to a discussion about cannibalism, then talks to us about making a movie, hunting Matt Damon for sport and the politics of giving money to homeless people. 

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It's time to talk movies! Pete saw Minions, so that's what our podcast is going to be about forever. Right after we talk about those trailers for Suicide Squad and Fantastic 4, that is.

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How do we feel about "Jared from Subway" jokes? How do we feel about having opinions? How do we feel about hot dogs, boats, Newport Beach and most importantly, Ariana Grande's #DonutGate? Well, there's only one way to find out. Here's a new podcast!

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Due to the holiday, Pete and Bill were unable to record a new episode. But Pete WAS able to cobble together a new version of one of our most well-received episodes. Please enjoy it and feel appreciated. Here is a link to the original episode.

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Comedian and lovely person Brock Wilbur joins us this week to talk all things Jurassic World. Yes, there will be spoilers about the dinosaur movie. If you're going to see the dinosaur movie, please listen to this podcast afterward.

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