Weirdos From Another Planet! (general)

In this episode of Scientific Podcast Goes Boink, Pete and Bill are joined by punter and Internet hero Chris Kluwe of the Minnesota Vikings. The three gentlemen discuss their personal video game histories, bad comic book artists, low-level cartridge scams, head coach resumes, the Rooney Rule, egalitarian pursuits, marriage equality, putting your brain in a computer, creative cussing, punting, questionable footwear decisions and much more.

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Riley Breckenridge of Thrice and Productive Outs joins Pete and Bill this week. The gentlemen discuss the wicked clowns, soda techniques, what you'd say if you met Bob Dylan, Dave Grohl's entourage, DADLAP, DADHAT and trashing hotel rooms.

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This week, Pete and Bill are thrilled to be joined by Lana Berry, who is a Twitter pioneer and pretty much owns the entire Internet. The trio of adventurers listen to Lana eat Taco Bell, discuss creeps on the Internet, talk about Texas, investigate CrossFit, dissect Les Miserables and generally have a good time. There are some audio issues due entirely to Bill, but please try to excuse them. Bill is an idiot. 

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This week, Pete and Bill are joined by the lovely and talented Ian Miller of Productive Outs, Kowloon Walled City and Baseball Prospectus. The group discusses bikes, Ian blowing Bill's mind, famous dads, the best movies of 2012, being in a band, more cycling and where the Crank franchise goes from here.

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This week, Pete and Bill welcome the esteemed Grant Brisbee of McCovey Chronicles and Baseball Nation! The three gentlemen (or perhaps scoundrels) discuss racism, "Seven Nation Army," McGruff the Crime Dog, the Criterion Collection and provide a compendium of Most Useful Everyday Movie Quotes.*

* Please note that we mangled half of these movie quotes.

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Welcome back to Scientific Podcast Goes Boink. How we missed you. In this episode, Pete and Bill discuss Los Angeles, school, pop music, not having guilty pleasures and Bill's convoluted relationship with horror movies.

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We had too much material and too much fun with With Leather editor-in-chief Brandon Stroud to fit it all in one podcast, so we're double-dipping! Enjoy this bonus half-episode, everybody! 

Bill, Pete and Brandon take the time to discuss the armor of God, the fruits of the spirit, more wrestling, the Three Stooges vs. the Marx Brothers and of course, Hulk Hogan's wiener. 

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Another week, another SPGB! This time around, Bill and Pete are joined by their first guest, Progressive Boink founder and With Leather editor-in-chief Brandon Stroud! Be forewarned: some pro wrestling discussion lies herein. 

The three gentlemen discuss wrestling, Austin, air sex, GleeGrease 2, the passing career trajectories of John Travolta and Nicolas Cage, Robert Irvine, "Ring ring, brother", Hulk Hogan's enormous genitalia, Virgil, 80s prison stock market caper films, growing up Christian, Suncoast Video, Shannyn Sossamon and the holidays.

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On this episode of SPGB, there will be SPOILERS, most notably for Sons of Anarchy, so ... get caught up, I guess?

Pete and Bill are back and have chosen to discuss Carl's Jr., boycotts, burgers, pulled pork, SOA, storytelling, writing habits, Where the Wild Things Are, and a lot more.  

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It's a very special Christmas episode of Scientific Podcast Goes Boink! On Boxing Day, Pete and Bill discuss actual boxing before an extended discussion of all (well, most) things Christmas, including It's a Wonderful Life, barfing on Christmas, Christmas songs, Christmas foods and Christmas gifts. It's a complete cornucopia of Christmas crud!

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