Weirdos From Another Planet! (general)

Weirdos From Another Planet briefly returns! For a review of Christianity! Kristen does her best to piece together the story from existing in a saturated culture and having celebrated Christmas upwards of several times. Bill and Pete provide snark and Pete reads a poem about Judas and Del Taco. There's some irreverence here, but it's good natured and the guys both have a healthy appreciation for the big J on some level. 

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The guys return to talk politics! (sorry.) Mostly about whether or not it's going to be OK and the ethical implications of particular beliefs. 

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It's 2017! We return for the new year.

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On this episode: 

0:00 Happy holidays!
1:25 Will we ever not be tired?
11:26 What are we doing here, like, mission-statement-wise?
31:47 Why the need to make things?
46:25 Tell us about something you like, Eric!

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0:00 The guys had Thanksgivings!
8:20 More things people like! 
16:07 What's the best advice Ryan ever got?
29:15 Bill's adventures in bike riding!
36:20 On being kind to one's self

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The fellows talk about politics. (Not exclusively, but still #sorryeveryone)

0:00 Tell me about something you like!
10:25 About this President thing
33:10 Let's talk about something else, like Bill's race

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In this week's episode:

0:00 - Things that concerned us do not concern us anymore! Because we don't remember them
8:45 - Brains are wild, just downright wild
12:05 - Pete told a lie!
14:27 - Letting thoughts be what they are, if you can
17:56 - On the best thing you're ever going to make
25:43 - It's election eve, thank god~

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Pete is a little out of it! Bill is running, awfulness of having a body be darned. All this and more as the guys return.

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On this week's episode:

0:00 It's our 200th episode! And some hair discussion.
10:05 The best advice Pete ever got and leaving doors open
14:53 The worst (relationship) advice Bill and Kristen have ever got and going to bed angry
20:44 The best advice Bill ever got and the advantages of consequences
27:29 The best advice, marriage or otherwise, Kristen ever got and digging graves
32:46 The best advice Katie ever got and doing the thing 

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In this episode:

0:00 Anxiety! Uncertainty! These things are hard to talk about, and also hard to keep minutes of while talking about them.

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