Weirdos From Another Planet!

On this week's episode:

0:00 It's fall! Kind of. Get a SAD Lamp, maybe.
18:52 What's new? Not much! Stop hatesharing. Snapchat is fun!
23:00 What is it to be busy? Well, we missed last week, for one.
27:08 The most recent lie, also fibs about cheeseburgers and truth about Sriracha
40:40 Bill's neighborhood is fully of ridiculous car horns

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In this week's episode:

0:00 CM Punk followed his dream!
17:53 A twitter/wokeness update
26:37 On Brunch
40:06 What do you do with the mad that you feel?

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In this week's episode:

0:00 Al*x J*nes and also parasites and disordered sleep (unrelated)
10:01 Nick Saban was mad as a wet ham
11:45 Starscream and Transformers with preferred pronouns
15:38 Movies featuring murder and their real-life counterparts
24:23 A Ruffalo kerfluffule and how woke is sufficiently woke?

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