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What music did you like this year? Besides Tay-Tay, we mean. Come join Pete and Bill as they run down their favorite albums of the year and give YOU all a taste of some of the tracks that most tickled their respective fancies the entire year round. That's a lot of tickling!

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Pete and Bill went to two theme parks on consecutive days. Herein, they quibble about Universal Studios Hollywood, delight in discussing Disneyland, reminisce about a chill-ass dog and a confused deer, and quit their tutoring jobs to join a friend gang.

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In January, Pete will watch every single episode of Dawson's Creek without stopping. It's going to be 90-plus hours of Creeky goodness. Maybe. Pete and Bill discuss the logistics of this, the whys and wherefores, answer some of your questions, ramble a bit because they're both loopy and invite you to send us some suggestions on what to call the dang thing.

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There's a new Star Wars trailer! There's a full trailer for Jurassic World! Have you seen this? Have you heard about this? Well, Pete and Bill have seen and heard about it and would now like to talk about it! They discuss their expectations and hesitations, as well as discuss the concept of cover movies. Because there should be much more of them. This and a lot more, on this post-Turkey Day glut of a podcast!

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