Weirdos From Another Planet!

Pete and Bill sit down to discuss some important business. The third annual #DoLoThroDo is just a handful of weeks away. We remind you to prepare your bodies appropriately. Other pressing matters concern the new Lana Del Rey album (and naturally the question of authenticity) and pondering the nature of RiFF RAFF, who is remarkably self-actualized for a non-deity. Come join us. For the night is dark, and full of tacos.


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Pete and Bill settle in for a nice chat. Pete consumes some adult beverages and they talk about a comedy show, some problems with race and wrestling, whether the Rock is a black man (yes) and what the heck is the deal with the Insane Clown Posse (they're fun).

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It is Bill's birthday, so he and Pete are obligated to talk about that for a while. The conversation moves on to the Garfield/Nermal dichotomy, before getting down to the important business that is #LilKimWeek. Be warned: adult language and topics herein.

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What is a sandwich? Before you answer that, listen to Pete and Bill watch the 2014 Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest and question the meaning of existence. Conversation turns to the films of Paul Thomas Anderson, obviously. 

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