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Would you like to hear about the nicest Taco Bell in the entire world? How about the best place to go tanning in the South Loop? Well, you are in luck! Pete, Bill and Kristen are here to guide you through Yelp and find out the best possible place to eat after a Saturday at Costco.

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It's time for Pete and Bill to pick up a few stray odds and ends from last week's request episode. There is talk of regret, how to avoid living with it, how to gauge the distance you've traveled and other things having to do with that sort of thing. There's also talk of college and grad school and that whole experience. Don't worry; there are also jokes.

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It's time to open up the Twitter request line! This week, Pete and Bill field questions on such diverse topics as dinosaurs with wheels, dinosaurs without wheels, attractive Crimean attorneys general and Disneyland.

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This week, Pete and Bill discuss some music they've been listening to recently and YOU GET TO HEAR THE SONGS! Wow! Technology is wild! (Please don't sue, publishers.) Also: brief discussion about government rigamarole. 

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