Weirdos From Another Planet!

We went ahead and got philosophical/existential on this one. Sorry, everyone. We discuss signalling theory at length, asking ourselves why we like the things we like and whether there is an authentic self. Then, to lighten the mood, we discuss racism, tarring and feathering, being run out of town on a rail and whether Irish people can buy drugs.

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There are stories from New Orleans that Bill didn't get to. They involve wrestling, but they are certainly not ABOUT wrestling. Plus, we discuss potpourri and a bit of Captain America: Winter Soldier. Not too much, though. Gotta leave something for sweeps week.

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Bill and Pete are back after a one-week hiatus. Bill explains his departure by giving a full rundown of his time spent in New Orleans. The stories involve a weird hotel, one mostly-dead cockroach and saloon doors in a sandwich shop.

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