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This week, Pete and Bill kind of go all over the place. There is discussion about Chris Evans, about Muppets Most Wanted, about Luke Cage, about getting your hands bloody and about trying to be friends with celebrities.

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Even when they need to get to a screening of Muppets Most Wanted, Bill and Pete will still take the time to craft a fresh, quality podcast for your starving earholes. This time around, the gentlemen of middling repute discuss "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and sexytimes therein, as well as taking The New Yorker to task for their terrible and unfunny cartoons which no one actually likes.


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This week, Pete and Bill are thrilled to be joined by their good friend Julie, who engages them in conversation about all sorts of things, from Ronda Rousey to Macklemore's pee to kink to hockey butts (and butts in general) to drinking the entire ocean. Give it a listen!

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The Oscars are in the dang books. To recap the awards, we invited Stefanie Turner onto the show, because she managed to see every film nominated for every award this year (except one). We also took the time to argue about Girl Scout cookies and the horrible nature of having opinions on the Internet.

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TWO movies-themed podcasts in one week? Believe it, bud! Pete and Bill are overjoyed to be joined by lead L.A. Weekly film critic Amy Nicholson. We sit down and talk movies, including our long-promised dissection of the filmGarden State in the year 2014. Our findings were diverse, our feelings many. The best performance in a film by a Wu-Tang member? Probably not!

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Hey, we're just dropping a bonus weekend episode on everyone because it's Oscars weekend and Pete hasn't seen any of these movies! Kristen Ray joins us to make jokes about clumsy astronauts and give Bill an excuse to bust out his Michael Dorn impression.

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