Weirdos From Another Planet!

It's almost time to watch Garden State again. But before we get there, Bill and Pete discuss a few more topics, including Magic: The Gathering, penises (yes, AGAIN), nerds having sex and the just-released film Apocalypse Pompeii, co-authored by Bill.

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We covered a whole swath of topics in this episode, from cereal to our intent to re-watch Garden State and invitation for you to do the same, to our closest near-death experiences and whether ghosts exist and/or have genitalia and/or whether we'd like them to exist and/or have genitalia. (Spoiler: results inconclusive.)

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We opened up the Twitter machine to hear what YOU wanted us to talk about and you gave us suggestions! TOO MANY suggestions, as it turns out! But we got to plenty of them. Listen to us talk about bagel dogs, butts and DMX. 

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Transgender rights and portrayal issues abound in pop culture recently, so Pete and Bill take some time to discuss some things. Later, the conversation turns to the subject of Woody Allen, R. Kelly et al and whether it's possible to separate a person's art from their personal (potentially horrible) deeds.

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