Weirdos From Another Planet!

Some slight audio issues aside, we're back with another podcast! Pete and Bill discuss time travel as a genre and two movies in particular: Looper and Primer. Spoilers abound for both films, so fair warning for those who haven't seen them and might want to at some point. We complain a lot, but ultimately agree that if you ask about time travel too much, we'll be sitting around all day making diagrams out of straws.

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Oh boy, Sons of Anarchy. Oh, you've really done it this time. Pete and Bill spend the entire episode discussing the recently-completed season six. Now you get to hear us yell about a show that is absolutely ridiculous. (We still can't stop watching it, though.)

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We've had dads on the brain lately. Our fathers are interesting fellows, so we decided to get together with our friend Ryan M. White and talk about our dear ol' dads. Come for the stories about Vietnam, stay for the kayaks. 

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Welcome back to Scientific Podcast Goes Boink! It's a brand new year, according to calendars everywhere, so we decided to take a look at ... not some resolutions, but some "rulin's" by a noted man of the people. Along the way, Bill derails the discussion with a story of vomiting for the first time since the 1990s. Sorry, everyone. 

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