Weirdos From Another Planet!

Great friend of the program Jeb Lund, AKA Mobutu Sese Seko, AKA @Mobute, rejoins us for a record-nearing third time. We're thankful for him. We made sure to cover topics ranging from Newt Gingrich's wife to Bloom County comic strips, so please enjoy our ramblings.

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We opened up the Twitter lines and took requests on what was, essentially, a pre-taped live call-in show. The suggestions and questions ranged all over the place, but Bill still managed to work in some more embarrassing stories from his past. Because that's what keeps this gravy train moving, people.

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Taylor Swift is our only hope. Well, not really, but she sure is interesting! She won a lifetime achievement award this past week. (She's 23.) We talk a lot about the fascinating brain of Taylor Swift, which movie monster she looks like, the state of New Country Music and what the hell happened to Vince Gill.

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