Weirdos From Another Planet!

Pete and Bill both love Disneyland. On this episode, they sit down and talk about the difference between the two Disney parks, the best possible corndog and where to get it, the essentialness of a breakfast churro, how a Disney parks employee can hope to earn a Dole Whip and a lot more.

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BIll's been eating a lot of Hot Pockets lately. He sits down to talk to Pete about how super weird a lot of foods are and how a lot of what we eat doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Topics include, but are not limited to: Lean Pockets, Slim Jims, Katherine Webb and the Jack in the Box Munchie Box.

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On this week's podcast, Pete and Bill celebrate Pete's birthday! Gifts are given, mirth is present, and Pete takes the time to expound on four simple rules by which he attempts to live his life. Enjoy!

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Sometimes, Pete and Bill like to talk about writing. Sometimes Bill will run away and talk about it all by himself. This week, Abbott and Costello are discussed, which leads to a lengthy conversation about Lost in Translation, enhanced audio, shooting scripts, the importance of the writing when discussing the visual arts and how to feel like you're a better scriptwriter than you actually are (or maybe not!)

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