Weirdos From Another Planet!

Recorded on the day after the #DoLoThroDo, Pete and Bill give you a short-ish podcast while they are both sluggish from sodium and clearly suffering from taco brain. The DoLo is recapped in detail, while Bill's mind flits between a haphazard variety of topics, such as Pitbull vs. DMX vs. Johnny Cash, Loni Anderson's IMDB bio, the deliciousness of the Pert Plus smell and the (then-)impending series finale of Breaking Bad. Enjoy and please remember to live as mas as possible. 

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Television is happening. Oh boy, is it ever happening. Pete and Bill set aside an hour of their day to discuss two shows that they are watching or have watched in the past: Sons of Anarchy and Breaking Bad. Ridiculous things happen. Media theory is discussed. Heisenberg dichotomies are unpacked. It's all quite television-y. 

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On this episode, Pete and Bill sit down to talk and Bill decides to tell a smattering of embarrassing stories from his past, dealing mostly with how dumb guys can be when they're young and in pursuit of love. Somehow, this transitions into a discussion of Miley Cyrus, the VMAs and just how endlessly awful is Terry Richardson.

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Our intrepid co-hosts were recently at a poetry reading, where Pete was a featured poet. To celebrate, the two gentlemen (or perhaps scoundrels) discuss their relationships with poetry, what it all means and what can be done to combat this anti-poetry stigma we've got going on now. To wrap things up, there's a special announcement and a call-to-arms of sorts.

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This one's kind of all over the place, but please join Pete and Bill as they once again discuss Vegas and the difficulty in ordering cocktails, the NFL concussion lawsuit and settlement and much, much more.

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