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On today's podcast, Pete and Bill sit down to discuss The Wolverine, which may or may not be the Wolferine movie you've been waiting for. The podcast manages to be almost entirely spoiler-free, we promise. But if you're worried about getting The Wolverine spoiled for you, maybe you should go see it? Conversation also includes meeting famous people, comic books in general and Dwight Howard with a fart keychain.

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This time around, Pete and Bill are discussing the finer points of begging and people who may at some point ask you to give them money. There is also light discussion of library cards and of fish.

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There's a taste sensation that's sweeping the nation and that taste is cronuts. What is a cronut, you ask? Well, it's not quite a puppet, and it's not quite a mop, but oh man! On this episode of Scientific Podcast Goes Boink, Pete and Bill sample three types of cronut and have all manner of doughnut-centric discussion.

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Sam Miller of Baseball Prospectus stops by to talk with Pete and Bill about being a real journalist, about how it is to be an actual journalist, about the unwritten and literally written rules of a baseball clubhouse, about the state of the newspaper industry, about Prince, about lists of things one might keep for oneself and about how awful it is when even bad people don't like you.

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We'll be honest: this one kind of got away from us. Pete and Bill talk about their respective adventures on July 4th, get off on a tangent about identical cousins and also The Parent Trap, wonder about crime rates during Independence Day, yack about the cronut fad and once again get lost in the world of Fuddrucker's advertising.

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On today's podcast, the esteemed Eno Sarris stops by. He joins Pete and Bill in an extended conversation about beer and other such libations, what comprises a unit of bitterness, what exactly is the appeal of camping to drinkers and non-drinkers alike, and why you should always root for a losing baseball team.

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On this episode of the podcast, Pete and Bill mostly discuss Season Four of Arrested Development. And very briefly Game of Thrones. But mostly just Arrested Development. Hope you like Arrested Development!

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