Weirdos From Another Planet!

On today's episode of Scientific Podcast Goes Boink, we finally bring you the second episode that was recorded at Denny's during the FLAPJACKALYPSE around midnight. Good friend Katherine Spada stopped by and the three held forth about all manner of things, including ballet, how the coroner's office REALLY interacts with the police, an incredibly delayed Black Swan joke, bad tattoos of MMA, mistaking one 50-year-old Hollywood star with another and lots more.

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We're back! This time around, Pete and Bill sit down to talk about Bill's problems with down escalators, the best possible circus trick, the Getty, why you shouldn't be excited to wear facepaint and the musical stylings of Robert DeLong.

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This time around, Pete and Bill are broadcasting LIVE from FLAPJACKALYPSE (which was last week). They eat some pancakes, talk about how full they are, discuss bike lanes (and sham meetings thereof), thank their lovely donors, stress that libraries are important and remember the last time Pete got worked up enough to write a letter to a corporation.

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We are one week away from FLAPJACKALYPSE and it's time to clean house a bit. Pete and Bill sit down to discuss the upcoming pancakery, the persistence of slush piles, whether we should expect success, the importance of flipping a coin, audio issues LIVE WHILE YOU LISTEN, the amazing persistence of Fuddrucker's and the presence of big cookies.

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