Weirdos From Another Planet!

Pete and Bill are here to discuss all of the ins and outs related to moving (or, if you're in the UK or Australia, "moving house"). They discuss boxes, new houses, the exhaustion and stupidity of not being rich and the sort of characters you'll meet at the average yard sard.

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This time around, we are joined by Kristen Ray of Would Eat. She circles the wagons with Pete and Bill and the three friends discuss personal vernacular, when to engage people in inclusive discussion, "There's That Word Again," Lindsay Lohan's foot-in-mouth disease, Christina Aguilera's penis cake for her baby, how we visualize the days of the week and the only two acceptable reasons for driving like a maniac.

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There comes a time in everyone's life when you have to eat some weird-flavored chips. Today, Pete and Bill take that plunge. Along the way, they find the time to talk about pancakes, Denny's, chicken, waffles and a few other things. But mostly, it's about the chips.

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Yes, it's a new episode of the podcast and one that is LIVE* from Las Vegas! (We like to call it "Lost Wages.") Our very good friends Kat Spada, Ryan White and Kristen Ray join us in a hotel room for lots and lots of drinking and discussion, which includes talk of butts, the world's largest, tallest chocolate fountain, a $60 hamburger, drinks served in tiny toilets, offensive T-shirts and when the heck Shania Twain is gonna have sex with that horse.

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Someone was silly enough to send Bill on a business trip. He and Pete take the time to talk about traveling to Washington, D.C. (both when you're 13 and when you're an adult), the Washington Metro, carrying a huge suitcase, the bureaucratic inefficiency of travel, Penn Station and Port Authority, the strangeness of New Jersey Transit, walking across a field in a strange state and a lot more. 

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Welcome back to Scientific Podcast Goes Boink! This time, the Internet's Julie Veilleux stops by and things get a little wacky. We talk about feminism, misogyny in the workplace, the differences between Canada and the Unites States as it pertains to sexuality and spend a good chunk of the episode exploring the Yelp reviews of one Davidson H.

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Better late than never, it is another episode of our podcast! This time around, Bill and Pete discuss the tricky situation and slippery slope inherent in the world of "slush piles," the futility of attempting to become a published author, how the film industry works (kinda), The Defenders and several other things!

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Once again, we return with a special guest in tow. WRITER Sarah Sprague joins us to discuss food, tacos vs. burritos, calorie counting, the appeal of Law & Order: Criminal Intent, the appeal of Eric Bogosian, what you need in a home bar, what precisely gin tastes like and much much more.

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Many of us have taken to the air in hopes of arriving at another destination safely. On this podcast, Pete and Bill discuss airport Twitterin', Twitter wills, airports, airport food, Bonnie "Prince" Billy, the offensiveness of the TSA, opting out, getting groped, odd ways to pee, bodily functions Bill is offended by, and a whole lot more.

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