Weirdos From Another Planet!

This week, Pete and Bill are thrilled -- THRILLED! -- to be joined by Jeb Lund, AKA the former Mobutu Sese Seko. The three comrades discuss a wide range of topics on this extra-long episode, including (but not limited to) Barrold Lamar Bonds, doxxing, Cuba Gooding Jr., 60 Chicken McNuggets in 60 minutes, writing a video for a Metallica song, exactly what the hell is Vevo, B. Brian Blair in all his glory, why Florida is the way it is and lots more.

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Can you believe that it's been 20 episodes already? We can't! To celebrate this non-momentous occasion, Pete and Bill decide to talk about their respective age-20 years.Join them on an in-depth journey down memory lane, as they discuss strange early-20s living on both coasts of these United States. 

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It's another Scientific Podcast and this time it's nothing but straight nerd shit. Special guest Alfie Crow joins Pete and Bill to discuss Magic: The Gathering, Bill's sad, sad history of playing games in all forms, MMORPG video games, the wondrous dark future of Warhammer 40,000, how to justify painting tiny army men, what Florida is actually like and how much Sean Bean looks like Triple H. 

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Pete and Bill return with more conversation for you and only minor technical difficulties! They discuss the Los Angeles Times throwing unwarranted shade at Tyler Perry, Bill throwing more-warranted shade at Tyler Perry, what the Tyler Perry process is like, bad newspaper writing, the glory of Dave Nordstrand and what the heck happened to that hamburger.

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Pete and Bill are thrilled to be joined on this episode by the esteemed Robert Wheel. The three comrades discuss terrible 90s music we all used to listen to, dissect the ultimate KoЯn lyric, talk about the hierarchy of 90s nu-rock bands, debate movies that are uncomfortable to watch with your parents, define a set of statistical metrics for ratingThe Simpsons, pore over books that college kids love and get into an extended conversation about why Bill doesn't like "Homer's Enemy."

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In this episode, Pete and Bill take some time to answer listener tweets and emails. They kick around the pigskin (players), share their opinions on the upcoming Star Wars movies, discuss the Star Wars franchise in general, take a tangent into Chris Pine and an unstoppable train, opine on 90s Christian music, talk about how hard it is to find ska music in a foreign country, muse about terrible band names and what they mean, reflect on how many tambourines is "too many" and cover the one sure-fire way to make sure Bill hates your band.

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Welcome back to Scientific Podcast Goes Boink. Pete and Bill are thrilled to be joined this week by SB Nation's social guru Ryan Hudson, AKA "Hugz." The three fellows talk about the inauguration, a weird corn fish, get extremely political for a moment, discuss the varieties of armadillos and wonder why they exist, reflect on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles concert tour, talk triathlons, have an extended conversation about Outback Steakhouse and compare and contrast sandwiches (but not colleges) in Boston.

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Craigslist used to be a thing, but now it's a decidedly different thing. It's probably because too many people started treating it as a toy, rather than a tool. That's unfortunate. On this episode, Pete and Bill discuss Craigslist at length, as well as discussing a great many other things, like Grindr, taking advantage of straight privilege, Dadboner (again) and guys on YouTube who love big beefy wrestlers.

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